Piano Soul

IMG_1218Ever listen to piano notes and feel each chord hit your heart like water droplets on a rainy day?  Moving your emotions in an emotional spiral of love, despair, heart breaking sadness, or even quiet almost eternal peace.  It can bring you up then break you down like waves roaring upon an empty beach which could be your heart and soul.  Tears can come from nowhere, like out of a foggy haze from deep within your mind, reminding you of some lost memory that you had buried deep inside of yourself because you didn’t want to feel the pain, but with each chord the memories come rushing to the surface like a flood bringing all of the heartfelt sobbing and long lost love that had been hiding without your knowledge just below the not so solid façade surface of your persona.  I can listen to a drum and bass song or maybe a classical song and hear certain movements that call upon something within me that knows some kind of familiarity to the music and makes me feel real again.  Music truly does move the soul. The soul will waver with an almost colorful motion.  If I close my eyes and listen closely and envision what my mind has made the sounds into, I see colors fly in a waves in time with the beat.  Blue hues mixed into lavender, then on to reds then pinks, like a color flag flying the prideful colors of my heart.  My body gathers each sound and makes them it’s own.  I may not choose to dance where anyone can see me, but in my mind I’m painting pictures of dancing movements of soul.

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