IMG_0875I could write a book about me.  And most people wouldn’t put it down until it was finished!  Someday.  For now tidbits within my blog will give you a hint of the many, many crazy stories and laughable circumstances that I’ve been through in my short life that will have you wanting to hear more!  Hi i’m Adrienne.  I’m a full-time single Mother of two silly little girls in the New Orleans, Louisiana area.  I’ve lived a life and been through things that most people can’t imagine, but I’ve picked myself up off the cold hard ground and have proven that life can and always get better.  Dust it off and keep going.  Look back.  Do look back, but don’t ever repeat the same mistakes.  Learn from them, and then share what you’ve learned.  My blog is to raise awareness to people that being true to yourself, helping others, and to laugh a much as possible is a great way to live a happy, joyful existence in this thing called life.  I hope my telling of my experiences and lessons that I have learned will touch someone who needs to hear it.  I may be a bit vulgar, and even downright immature at times, but I don’t care!  I love being me and I want others to love being themselves as well.  I’m not, and none of us are here to live our lives for others.  Stop now and save yourself!We’re all in this together, so why not share, love, and laugh.  Even if it’s laughing at ourselves, or hey, even the children;)


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