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Kids And Brutal Honesty

Kids are harsh. They can make an adult re-evaluate their self-perception in the time it takes to blink a fake eyelash. My youngest seems to have a knack for this. And there’s no reigning her in either. I’ve tried repeatedly to talk to her about how there are some things we just shouldn’t say to others, that we can think them, but not just blurt it out because what we say can sometimes hurt other people’s feelings. I then go on to ask her if she would like to have someone say something like that to her, you know, the old reverse psychology trick. It never works with this kid. Ever. She tells me most of the time, “I don’t care.” And she doesn’t that’s the worst part! I’m at a loss with this one lol. So here’s a great example of how she tore me down one morning. The morning of my most recent birthday as a matter of fact. What a great way to start this special day. I’m in the bathroom putting on my make-up. I’ve gotten my regimen down to about 10 minutes, that’s if I don’t start looking at Pinterest and trying out new eye make-up techniques, then it’s about 20 minutes. I stray from the story, sorry. I’m so A.D.D.
Anyway, she comes in and asks, “Mommy?”
“Yes child?”
“How long does it take you to put on your make-up?” Picture a small, brown-haired, green-eyed child, left hand on the left hip which is thrust outward with attitude.
“10 minutes baby. Why?”
“Well Kennedy, she takes a really, really long time.” Kennedy is my niece. 14 going on 21.
“Kaity I’ve been putting on make-up for a very long time. Since I was in high school, which was around 15 years ago.”
“That long?! Don’t tell anybody that. Yeah, you’re old.”
Damn!!! Well Happy Birthday to Mommy! It was a blow to the ego that day. I had to turn to the mirror and inspect for grays and wrinkles immediately. That little comment has weighed on my mind since she said it.
Of course she didn’t know it was kind of rude. She never does. Kait just speaks her mind. Most people can’t take it. It’s been an adjustment even for myself. Her older sister, can’t take it in the least. It’s a constant battle everyday. I’d swear Kait is the oldest. She just lays it out on Savannah so hard! Agh….. thank God I have a full-time job. I couldn’t stay home everyday and referee. I’d be a raging alcoholic lol

Kids Eat Candy, but Only the Blue Ones

Blue Candy

So my youngest got a bag of Shockers from the gym so they would keep her quiet and occupied while I attempted to finish my game of Racquetball.  My oldest decided to wait until we left and she’d get some from the store. I was kool with that.  I stop at the store.   This particular store did not have Shockers.  Shocking isn’t it?  So I get her Chewy Sweet Tarts.  Same thing right?  They’re better anyway because they’re bigger and more chewy!  At least that was my rationalization.  What kind of gratitude do I get?  “I only eat blue candy.”  Yeah.  That’s what I’m told.  Then she proceeds to turn away and pout.  Damn.  Excuse the hell out of me!  I thought I was doing her a favor lol!  Guess who ate them while she looked on still pouting and wishing she had candy….. Ha ha!  Me;)