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Bad Habit Dog

HomieWhat is it with my dog and Popsicle sticks?  Does he like the way the wood crunches and makes his teeth click?  Is it the sweet sugary substance that seeps into the wood?  Or is it the wood itself that just tastes so damn good?  I don’t know what it is, can’t really say.  All I know is that he stares me down every freaking day.  Eye’s look at me then back to the stick.  The drool raining down out of his mouth about to make me sick.  His eyes pleading in their weird little way.  Begging and whining he knows nothing better than to sit there and pray.  He knows if he does I’ll give in eventually, just to get his little annoying cute self away from me.  He’s smart, no dummy dog here, he knows if he keeps begging I’ll do what it takes to get his little butt out of here.   It’s either the stick or I’ll give him the shoe.  What else is Lil Homie supposed to do?  Brave little guy, likes to take chances.  I guess I would too to get a taste of something as sweet as molasses.

Remind Me Why I Wasted Money on Acrylic Nails, Please.


Why do I do the things I do?  What in the world was I thinking when I decided to blow money, okay it was only twenty bucks, on acrylic nails?  Yeah they were cute and stylish being that I had the lady paint them hot pink with a black tip so that they matched my outfits because my signature colors are fuscia and black most of the time.  Thank you art school for teaching me a little something about color coordination. But as I sat there and tried to decipher what exactly the two ladies were talking about as one did my nails and the other kept looking at me and kind of giggling (wonder if I had something on my face, idk…) I did not stop to think how not cute my nails would be in a week!  Not only that but how I would not be able to type as I can’t feel my fingertips hitting the correct keys, oh and how holding a pen was a real challenge when trying to write fast as my boss spews off a slew of words for me to dictate, and lastly, how I could just not function with the damn things on! Ugh!  I repeatedly utter the mantra, “I hate these damn nails!” all day and every day.  I know i’m about to rip these bitches off I know that’s for sure. I realized earlier that I hadn’t had my nails done since high school some 15 years ago, and how my younger self had known then what a dumb thing it was to get them done, then why would my more supposedly mature, adult self forget that?  I should’ve listened to that little voice in my head that day.  I had stuck duck tape over it’s mouth instead.  Dumb move.

Staying up past midnight… I still have both my shoes


I used to consider myself pretty computer savvy.  But after tonight…. I am re-considering that opinion.  Setting up the website and beginning to blog I think that was at around 8:00 pm…. Wow look at that Mommy, it’s 2:30 in the morning ha!  Kids are knocked out all over the house, pets are sleeping wherever they could find a warm spot, agh, the life of the single Mom;)  Don’t really want to go to sleep because this is the most time I’ve had to myself in like FOREVERRRR!  Can you tell I hang out with teenagers too much? Their slang is very catchy.  Or it may be because i’m sleep deprived.  Oh well.  Who cares?!  Party in Mom’s room hee hee!  Yeah right. I hear my pillow calling.  I’m on my way.